Accesory Lifts: 5 x 1

Clean grip high pull @90-100%
Tempo Front Squat 5s down 3s pause 5s up @30-40%
Clean grip deadlift @100%-110%
High Hang Power Clean @80%
Jerk balance @30%

Clean and Jerk

Build to a heavy single
No fewer than 5 sets


3 x
100m sprint
12 unbroken power snatches @ 115/75#

rest 2 mins between rounds

3 rounds
10 single leg deadlifts
10 monster walks each leg
10 good morning squats


Teams of 2

1000m row
20 Thrusters 155/105#
750m row
30 Thrusters
500m row
40 Thrusters

Work is split down the middle.
When 1 partenr rows the other partner will jump rope 75 double unders.

# of reps on the double unders stay the same on every row, as the goal
is to keep heart rate eleveated and shorten rest between the skip and
row as row distance decreses.

Individual Option

500m row
50 Double Unders
7 Thrusters 155/105#
400m row
50 DUs
14 Thrusters
300m row
50 DUs
21 Thrusters


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