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EXPERIENCE: Must have completed our 101 course or have completed a fundamentals class at another box. If you have been crossfitting for over six months, you can skip the 101 course by testing out of our 101 course.  Please contact us info@crossfiteado to schedule a test out.  

WHAT: Crossfit means community. Crossfit also means getting into AMAZING shape. Our workouts are scalable to every type of athlete, from the beginner to the veteran. These workouts consist of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at a high intensity, all the while keeping environment fun and friendly.


EXPERIENCE: Must complete our 6 Week Challenge Program or Private Fundamentals Course, to participate.

WHAT: Our Bootcamp class is designed for everyone, it's universally scalable (which means anyone can do it) and tons of FUN! Make no mistake, you will challenge yourself.  If your goal is to lean out and get toned then this is the right class for you!  No need to be intimidated, we are experienced in working with any and all fitness levels.

EaDo QuickFit


 No CrossFit required, perfect for people looking to start their fitness journey, or who have limited time but still want a good workout. 

WHAT: EaDo Quick Fit is a high intensity 30 minute workout designed to get your heart rate high and body toned.

BEGINNERS-6 Week Challenge

EXPERIENCE: No experience required!

WHAT: This course you will be led by our staff of enthusiastic and knowledgeable Coaches all the while being in a fun, upbeat atmosphere.  They will teach you the correct form and technique of several movements found in a typical CrossFit class, emphasizing proper mechanics for a safe and efficient workout.  Included in this Course are FREE Yoga classes and a FREE nutritional seminar. You will meet supportive/like minded friends and learn valuable tools to keep you fit for life.

MASTERS (50+) 6 Week Challenge

EXPERIENCE: WHAT: No experience required!

WHAT: The best thing about this course is that it proves you can do CrossFit/Bootcamp at any age, ability or fitness. We work with you on fundamental movements that you use in your every day life and help you to build muscle and keep mobile in a safe, un-pressured environment.

CrossFit EaDo Competition ProgramPowered by Misfit Athletics

FOCUS: Competitive CrossFit

WHAT: MisFit Athletics is truly one of the most well developed programs out there. They created an all-inclusive program that manages to include the perfect proportion of each element of CrossFit. The combination of the MisFits Programming, CrossFit EaDo’s community and training space allows for a great training environment with goals to succeed at the highest level.


EXPERIENCE: WHAT: No experience required!

WHAT: Our class is a strength and conditioning program thats aim is to facilitate the athletic and fitness development of our youth athletes. Whether your goal is to get in shape or to improve in your sport this program will help. 





WHAT: Texas Strength was developed to foster the growth of the Houston weightlifting community as well as meet the need of athletes that desire to train without regard to a schedule.  

How It Works

  • 24-hour access, 7 day a week facility.

  • All Members will have 24-hour access through key fob entry.

  • Onsite Staff hours Monday-Friday 5pm-8pm and Saturday/Sunday 10am-1pm.