The best way to learn about CrossFit is to do CrossFit.  Guaranteed the hardest day of your journey is getting through the front door for the first time. Not to worry, we have an excellently trained coaching staff and an even more amazing community.  Our hope is that you are welcomed and any anxieties to be put at ease the moment you walk in the door.

EXPERIENCE: No experience needed!

WHAT: Our Free Community class contains a quick summary of the concepts behind Crossfit. We will teach you the perfect form of a couple functional movements, which you will then use in a Crossfit workout.  To ensure your safety in this workout you will strictly be doing body weight movements. The beauty of CrossFit is that it truly is for everybody and that all exercises are scalable to your experience and ability.

* Please arrive 10 minutes to sign waiver if you were unable to sign online.



Do I need any experience or have a minimal level of fitness?

No, Crossfit is for everyone, regardless of one's level of fitness. Our members range from professional Crossfit Games athletes, to athletes who before Crossfit, have never been athletic in their entire life.

What if I'm really out of shape?

You have nothing to worry about. A lot of people who have come before you, also came "really out of shape", and now most of them are in the best shape of their lives.

Is CrossFit too intense for me?

By no means is Crossfit too intense for you. The beauty of Crossfit  is that EVERYTHING is scalable. Every athlete will have different fitness goals and at Crossfit Eado we provide the environment and training for the athlete to be as intense as he or she wants to in order to obtain these goals.

What do I need to bring?

Besides yourself, and a enthusiastic attitude, ready to have fun, all you need is to come in comfortable workout attire (t-shirt, shorts/sweats,  and sneakers). Everything else we will facilitate.

I have a pre-existing injury. Can I still CrossFit?

We cannot offer you medical advice, and we would advise you consult your physician before starting this (or any other exercise program). With that being said, many athletes have successfully used Crossfit as a form of rehabilitation for new or existing injuries. As the emphasis of Crossfit is on functional fitness, doing movements that we do on an everyday basis (standing, sitting, jumping, lifting etc...), we believe long-term health resides in perfecting these movements we use day in and day out.