1. Schedule Your Free Class Today!

Your EADO journey starts with a FREE CLASS. Scheduled at a time that fits your schedule, you’ll be joined by one of our coaches to sit and talk about your fitness goals and how EADO can help you achieve them. You’ll learn about our fitness programs and training methodologies. Then, you and your coach will map out a plan for you, based on your level of fitness and your goals. Of course, you’ll get taste of what we do around here with an awesome workout—what are you waiting for?


Please click here to get signed up.


2. Sign up for CrossFit 101 (Next Start Date November 12th)

Our CrossFit 101 is our Fundamentals program is the starting path for anyone-- any shape or size, age, or fitness level.  During CrossFit 101, our certified CrossFit coaches will teach you how to correctly perform fundamental CrossFit movements and prepare you for high intensity injury-free workouts.  All classes will be scaled to your ability level.  Regardless of your fitness, CrossFit EaDo will help you achieve your goals.

DURATION: 6 week program - - Attendance to the sessions is mandatory.

SCHEDULE:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (CrossFit), Wednesday (Mobility), Saturday (Cardio Option)

** Please email info@eadofit.com or click here to sign up!

3. Choose a Membership

Upon completing our 6 Week or Private 101 program we'll have you choose a membership.

All memberships include unlimited access monthly to both our Main Class and our CrossFit Bootcamp Class.

*Prior CrossFit Experience (CF L1, 3 Months Prior Training Experience or Coach Clearance) required to attend CrossFit.

Please be aware that our standards are very rigorous and we expect full understanding of movement mechanics.

*No initiation fees, No cancellation fees.

**We do have a 30 day cancellation policy. 

For further information please email info@eadofit.com


Special Discount $25 off memberships

 Servicemen, Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers, Full-Time Students, & Nurses.

  * Must be able to provide proof of ID.