Getting Started

1. Attend A Free Community Class

Our Community Class is where we encourage all of those new to CrossFit to start. You do not have to be in shape to attend this class.  It has been scaled appropriately to offer a fun workout accessible for any fitness level.  Register for our Free Community Class below.

Once you've registered simply show up in comfortable clothes to work out in.  We have water fountains, showers, and a retail store with snacks and drinks for your convenience. 

*Please arrive 10 minutes early to sign a waiver if you were unable to sign online. 


2. Sign up for CrossFit 101

Our CrossFit 101 is our Fundamentals program is the starting path for anyone-- any shape or size, age, or fitness level.  During CrossFit 101, our certified CrossFit coaches will teach you how to correctly perform fundamental CrossFit movements and prepare you for high intensity injury-free workouts.  All classes will be scaled to your ability level.  Regardless of your fitness, CrossFit EaDo will help you achieve your goals.

- 6 week program

- Occurs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (CrossFit), Wednesday (Mobility), Saturday (Cardio Option)

 - Attendance to the sessions is mandatory.

*If you have previous CrossFit experience, please contact us about testing out. Please be aware that our standards are very rigorous and we expect full understanding of movement mechanics.


3. Choose a Membership

Upon completing our 101 program we'll have you choose a membership.

"New Members"

$199 EaDo Fit Unlimited: Includes Access to CrossFit & Boot Camp Programs

$175 Weightlifting: Unlimited Access includes group classes and weightlifting open gym sessions.

$350 Couple's EaDo Fit Unlimited: Includes Access to CrossFit & Boot Camp Programs




$25 for New Members add Weightlifting  or 24-Hour Texas Strength Olympic Lifting within the first 30-days of membership

$50 to add post first 30 days of membership.


*No initiation fees, no cancellation fees.

*We do have a 30 day cancellation policy, click here for details. 

You can not add a membership to your account online.  We have a strong sense of community here at EaDo and knowing our athletes old and new is important to us. Therefore you must signup for a membership in person or via email

*Special Rate $150

 Servicemen, Veterans, Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers, Full-Time Students, Nurses.

  * Must be able to provide proof of id.