Open Prep Cycle

The goal for this cycle is to increase our engine and our ability to stay moving under fatigue. We want to train ourselves to be able to manage our threshold more effectively. We will accomplish this goal by utilizing interval based work. This type of programming will focus on consistent sets with short rest periods, and you will see that reflected in our cycling work on Thursday’s. Our lifts will vary day to day, and will mainly be in an EMOM format. This will allow us to improve moving heavy loads under a short time domain.


For our Olympic lifts, the style is an EMOM format, switching the type of lift every few minutes. The goal of this programming is to get comfortable doing heavier touch and go reps, especially under muscular fatigue. During the open there is always one wod with relatively heavy weight and high reps, last year it was the clean toes to bar workout and I’d like us to be more prepared for that stimulus this year.


A couple times a week you will see back squats, deadlifts,  front squats and overhead squats. The primary goal is to maintain overall strength gained from the previous cycle, but also to increase our muscular endurance. We most likely won’t see a 1 RM squat in the open, but we could definitely see an ascending front squat, or overhead squat ladder from the ground. Our goal here is to be ready for the unknown and the endurance gained through higher rep sets will transfer well to most open workouts.


Lets make this the best Open to date!


CrossFit EaDo