The Distinction Between Elite and Elitist

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Elitism is rampant in athletics, particularly our sport. It's a natural evolution when performance is measured so objectively. Every box has that athlete, the big fish in the small pond, the loudest about their performance and the first to make an excuse if they are beaten. Some boxes tend to breed this type of athlete and others worship the ground that they walk on. Yet it seems that the old saying, the dog with the loudest bark often has the smallest bite, often rings true. Elitism is characterized by a belief that they are superior to others, and often through that belief they ignore outside influence sometimes to their detriment. In stark contrast, being truly elite requires a humbling of ones self and in the sport of fitness that happens in every WOD, every day, sometimes multiple times. 

What the team at EaDo has dedicated themselves to is an idea, the idea that talent is important but that it is irrelevant if the effort is lackluster. We will work harder than we want to every time we set foot in the gym, we will redo reps when our technique is off, and practice transitions for almost every possible movement, repeating them over and over until they're seamless. When we fail we will come up with plans to address our weakness, and we will face things we aren't good at, things we don't like. This is all in an effort to get better. 





Being actually elite requires you to separate your ego from the equation. Effort and a constant relentless pursuit of self betterment become staples in training. Oddly enough elitism has no place on the road to becoming elite. Too many athletes fall victim to the belief that they are above reproach, cannot be coached, and can do no wrong. Don't let your ego be your greatest enemy, MOVE BETTER because you can take a hard look at yourself, MOVE FASTER because you are willing to go to the dark place regularly. Be UNMATCHED, UNEQUALLED, and NONPAREIL, because actions speak louder than words. Become an EaDo Elite Athlete, follow our program, join the movement, commit yourself to being better. 

"Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price."
-Vince Lombardi

-Article by coaches Connor Martin and Shane Rojas of EaDo Elite

Photo Credit: Sierra Prime

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