Split Jerks


1 Split Jerk

0 - 6:00 @75%

6:00 - 12:00 @80%

12:00 -16:00 @85%


15 unbroken strict pullups

Rest as needed

30 unbroken butterfly pullups

Rest as needed

10 strict pullups

Rest as needed

20 ubroken butterfly chest to bar pullups

Purpose of this is to build volume of quality reps. Efficiency is key if you move efficiently in the open you minimize the movements metabolic toll as well as the time the movement takes. Therefore you will have more in the tank and a faster cycle rate.

Stirct pullup: If you can't do these unbroken use a band that allows you to*
Goal is to maintain a nutral spine and pull in a hollow body position

Butterfly pullup: Maintain an arch and hollow body position without bending at the knee
*if you don't have butterfly 3:00 of butterfly practice here*

Chest to bar: Same goal as the butterfly with the addition of maintaining a neutral postion of the spine and not breaking the midline to get to the bar


4 Rounds for time
10 Squat Cleans 135/95
15 Box Jumps
20 Wallball

*10 seconds rest at 5 squat cleans,
10 seconds rest between movements

Goal is to only rest the exact allotted time frames


Assault Bike for 20mins at 70% 

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