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Before the Sugar binge of the Holidays begins, let us first detox from this most loved and often abused ingredient. We are organizing a Sugar Free Challenge for the month of November or atleast up to our Thanksgiving Potluck on the 18th. Every week we will be posting a delicious sugar free dessert to satisfy those out of control sugar cravings. Also, weekly check-ins via facebook to make sure everyone is being held accountable.


For 18 days, rid your pantry of processed/refined sugars. If you don't buy it, you can't eat it. This means paying close attention to the ingredients label. If it's sweet, it's probably got something in it making it that way. I think we all ...understand the negative effects of sugar on the body. Sugar's "pleasure response" on the brain is actually stronger than cocaine.... COCAINE.

I'm going to even go as far as no artificial sweeteners & sugar alcohols. Both are associated with many digestive problems & actually INCREASE the sugar cravings. Artificial sweeteners disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake, interpret hunger signals, and deal with food cravings. Confusing the body these chemicals tend to mess with metabolism.

In a study (using rats), artificial sweeteners showed to have negative effects on brain chemistry, insulin levels, fat storing abilities, and metabolism, gaining an average of 14% of body weight.

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