Mission statement: 

To be an EaDo Elite athlete is to dedicate yourself to the constant pursuit of being better. True strength is a state of mind, and it's an indomitable belief in self. It takes waking up sore, giving it one more attempt, eating to fuel performance, refining your movement, never settling, and never quitting. We challenge you to be the better you. 

The class and programming is for athletes who's expressed goal is higher level competition (The Games or Regionals).  Our motto is quality over quantity, volume is there but the volume means nothing without consistent mechanics.  You'll notice a high value placed on excellent movement. We recommend at least 6 months of CrossFit experience prior to starting the program.  Click on the button at the top for minimum class standards.




Connor Martin- Program Director

Shane Rojas- Program Director

2016 South Region

6th Place Team Division

2015 South Region

20th Place Team Division

2014 South Central Regionals

5th Place Team Division

2013 South Central Regionals

19th Place Team Division

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